• You have thirty (30) days from the statement date to notify MyFleetCenter.com of any disputed services.
  • Written notice to MyFleetCenter.com is required upon sale or transfer of any fleet vehicle. Failure to do so will obligate you for any charges after the sale/transfer date.
  • A statement is sent within the first week of every month and will include all services rendered in the previous month, and will include invoices still outstanding from past months, as well as late fees.
  • Payment is expected within thirty (30) days from the statement date and a late charge of four (4) percent or $15.00, whichever is higher, will be assessed against all past due invoices shown on the statement for each monthly period.
  • Please contact us if you would like to use your credit, if available. MyFleetCenter.com may apply your available credit to open invoices that are over forty five (45) days past due.
  • An annual inactivity fee of $50 may be assessed on accounts that remain inactive for a period of 24 consecutive months.
  • We encourage you to go green with e-mailed or faxed statements for faster delivery and staying environmentally friendly.